Catch Natasha live on KEXP, Seattle! Performing live on Audioasis on KEXP, Saturday, September 15th at 8:30 pm PT!

90.3 FM in Seattle and streaming worldwide at KEXP.ORG

Natasha is very proud to be representing Dropping Gems in their Decibel Festival showcase:

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

For their 2012 Decibel Festival Showcase, Dropping Gems has assembled a fresh group of innovative electronic producers in service of their perennial effort to bring thought-provoking electronic music to the club environment. All of the artists featured here are as dedicated to emotional expression and exploration as they are to making audiences dance, with special attention paid to texture, space, and atmosphere in composition. The uncompromising individuality of each of the

performers promises a correspondingly diverse range of tempo and feeling. Much like the line between joy and sadness, the line between 160bpm and 80bpm can sometimes be quite thin.

Balam Acab headlines the showcase with his live set, a locus of thick ghostly ambience. Few other artists have been able to compose music so warm, sorrowful, and personal, and still manage to totally envelop (and move) their audiences in the process.

Devonwho is a synth visionary, a veteran of buttery chords and percussive inventiveness. A long time friend and supporter of DG, Devon never fails to bring a smile to his audiences faces, and his music is the sonic embodiment of that positivity.

Natasha Kmeto is a DG crew member and soulful dancefloor demolition expert. Her incredible vocal talent enshrouds inventively composed beds of bass and rhythmic texture, great on record but even more visceral when seen live. Her energetic and utterly commanding stage presence is not to be missed.

DJAO is also a DG crew member, in addition to being a cultivator of bass-induced shivers. His music is typically dance oriented but can lapse into ambient drone at a moment's notice, only to build back again into pulsing swung-out floor burners.

Miko Revereza will be providing visuals for the showcase. One of LA’s most sought after masters of lo-fi ambience, Revereza utilizes a suite of archival analog VHS equipment to manifest unique and deeply zoned-out images.

Balam Acab - PA (Live A/V) Tri Angle!/thebalamacab


Devonwho - San Francisco, CA (Live) All City!/devonwho


Natasha Kmeto - Portland, OR (Live) Dropping Gems!/natashakmeto/


DJAO - Seattle, WA (Live) Dropping Gems!/thatdjao


Barboza 925 E. Pike St

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